The Smart Solar Box is the answer to one of this century's biggest problems: dirt-cheap electricity... An affordable, portable, all-year-round working green-energy generator... That fits inside your toolbox!

Helps you cut the power bill from day one
Works anywhere even if it's cloudy
Powers anything: small radios, refrigerators, TV's, computers, AC units
Lightweight and portable, perfect for trips or survival scenarios
Easy to assemble, about 3 minutes for beginners
Needs only 5 sq ft when charging and 2 sq ft charged

You can use the Smart Solar Box to power up anything in your home, use it as a back-up generator, power up a cabin or a garage and even take it on the road with you for when you go camping or fishing.

You'll also be prepared in case of blackout scenarios or worse... if you're forced to leave your home for any reason, you'll always have a renewable, free and reliable power supply you can depend on.